Little Bookworm

We are all moved in to our new house and adjusting to new schedules and rhythms and all of the responsibilities that come along with home ownership in a new city. I am feeling more settled at my job after six months and am finally feeling like I have space for the creative energy that photography requires. 

I was lucky enough to do photos for this little lady back in March. She loves reading and laughing and chatting on her mom's cell phone while she drives her car around the living room. Look out, world! 

So excited to post more peeks from recent shoots and I'm hoping to start a few new projects in the near future.

How have you been? What is good in your life? Let's catch up!


One Point Five

It's been a few months since I've popped in, so why not start with a fun outtake? Toddlers are too fast sometimes, so this turned out too blurry to do anything with, but what's better than a giggling toddler hugging money?

It's a trick question, of course -- nothing is better than the sheer joy of a toddler with a twenty. :)

Things have been quiet around here for a few months. I started my new job in December and it has been keeping me busy in the best way. J and I put our first home on the market last month and just bought a house, so between staging, listing, selling, buying, and paperwork, we've had a lot of chaos mixed in with all of the fun.

I've missed being behind the camera, so I was thrilled to capture this one and a half year old last weekend. It was a much needed respite from the regular chaos, and come on, look at that grin! I'll share more of this little lady soon, but in the meantime, pardon the stereo silence while we pack and close on our new house in the next couple weeks!


Happiest of Holidays

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, but I guess I will have to settle for whiteISH this year. This photo is from several years ago, but I am hoping for a similar vision tomorrow:

Here's hoping you are warm and happy and with those you love most in the world this week. Happiest of holidays to you and yours. 


Trains and Trolleys

I already shared a little bit about our day at the Seashore Trolley Museum, but you might have noticed a distinct lack of trains or trolleys. I ended up taking so many photos that I had to split them between two posts! We loved being able to explore on our own and get into the cars to get a closer look at everything. It literally felt like we had stepped back in time. Many of the cars still had posters and ads up from when they stopped running decades ago. We even saw a couple cars from home that had ads for long-defunct businesses on streets we drive regularly.

The whole museum was so much more interesting than we expected going in and we would both highly recommend stopping in if you ever visit Kennebunkport, Maine!


PS - see more of our honeymoon here: a lazy beach day, a sunset on the coastsunrise over the Atlantic, and part 1 of the Seashore Trolley Museum

Shadows and Texture

One of our absolute favorite parts of our honeymoon was touring the Seashore Trolley Museum, the oldest and largest electric railway museum in the world. There was an option for a guided trolley tour, but we opted for the self-guided version so we could see more and go at our own pace. There were several warehouses with train cars and trolleys set up for viewing across the site and we were able to get in to the individual cars to see everything up close. I was immediately drawn to all of the patterns, textures, and shadows:

Neither of us are particularly big into trains or trolleys, but we had so much fun exploring and learning about the history of mass transit in several cities. We spent a couple hours enjoying the details and so many little pieces of history.

While we certainly did many cliche honeymoon things on our trip, I love that we got to enjoy a few less expected choices, too.

What have you done on a trip that was unexpectedly a highlight?


PS - see more of our honeymoon here: a lazy beach day, a sunset on the coast, and a sunrise over the Atlantic.